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Eckerd College

Spring 2023 Faculty Discussion Group

Liberal Arts, Now: Reflective Vocational Exploration Workshops

— with support from the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE)

The last few years have brought a myriad of challenges to liberal arts educators.

  • How do we understand our vocational orientation at our present cultural moment?
  • How do we navigate liberal arts, now?

During January 2023, Eckerd College faculty colleagues connected over a shared commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education. A series of reflective workshop mini-sessions surfaced issues related to our work as liberal arts educators and how we might share a sense of vocation and purpose within our learning community.

Faculty participants received a stipend of $1000 for all four sessions and were eligible for vocational seed grants to work on a liberal arts project of their own choice and design during Spring and Fall 2023.

January 5

January 12

January 17

January 24

March 2

April 6

April 11

April 19


Thomas Pearson, Director