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Teaching Change with a New 3Rs

José Antonio Bowen

March 16, 2022 – 7:00-8:30 pm

Learning something new—particularly something that might change your mind—is more difficult than teachers think. A new 3Rs of Relationships, Resilience and Reflection can help us lead better discussions and reach more students. Without sacrificing content, we can design courses to increase effort and motivation, provide more and better feedback, help students learn on their own and be better able to integrate new information now and after they graduate. The case for a liberal (or liberating) education has never been stronger, but it needs to be redesigned to take into account how human thinking, behaviors, bias, and change really work. Recent and wide-ranging research from biology, economics, psychology, education, and neuroscience on the difficulty of change can guide us to redesign an education of transformation and change.

José Antonio Bowen has taught at Stanford and Georgetown, was a dean at Southern Methodist University and President of Goucher College. He has written over 100 scholarly articles and has appeared as a musician with Stan Getz, Bobby McFerrin, and others. He is the author of Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology out of Your College Classroom will Improve Student Learning (winner of the Ness Award for Best Book on Higher Education from the American Association of Colleges and Universities) and Stanford honored him as a Distinguished Alumni Scholar in 2010. He was awarded the Ernest L. Boyer Award (for significant contributions to American higher education) in 2018. See his blog at or follow him on Twitter@josebowen.


Thomas Pearson, Director