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A learning community composed of 12 early career faculty teaching at small liberal arts colleges, gathered for 3 successive weekends in January, May and October 2022.


Thursday January 27, through Sunday January 30


Thursday May 12, through Sunday May 15


Thursday October 27, through Sunday October 30


Front Row (left to right):
  • Nancy Demerdash-Fatemi (Assistant Professor of Art History, Albion College)
  • Liz Nix (Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Ohio Wesleyan University)
  • Harini Chandramouli (Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Agnes Scott College)
  • Janie Frandsen (Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Gustavus Adolphus College)
  • John Michael DiResta (Artist-in-Residence Theater Director, Skidmore College)
Back Row (left to right):
  • Davina C. Lopez (Professor of Religious Studies, Eckerd College – workshop leader)
  • Kerry Ginger (Assistant Professor of Voice, Sewanee: The University of the South)
  • Tom Pearson (Director of the Nielsen Center for Liberal Arts, Eckerd College workshop leader)
  • Cassondra Batz-Barbarich (Assistant Professor of Business, Lake Forest College)
  • John Essington (Professor of Teacher Education, Blackburn College)
  • Sonya Maria Johnson (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Beloit College)
  • Yidong Gong (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, New College of Florida)
  • Yaejoon Kwon (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Reed College)
  • Xiaobo Yuan (Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Religion, Whitman College)
  • Mark Levandoski (Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, Grinnell College – workshop leader)


  • Teachers who inspire us
  • Our teaching contexts
  • General education and the major
  • Liberal education in institutional context
  • Unpacking the syllabus
  • Who are our students?
  • Review of teaching at the Morean Art Center
  • Making the case for the liberal arts
  • Sharing successful teaching strategies for teaching in the liberal arts
  • What is academic rigor?
  • Burnout and joy
  • Decolonizing your syllabus


Thomas Pearson, Director